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IKEA shopper awarded injury compensation

IKEA, the Swedish furniture and furnishings company, has been ordered to pay more than £3,000 in compensation to a grandmother who was injured trying to protect her grandson from a falling wardrobe.
Carol Ravenscroft sustained injuries to her neck, arms and hands when she acted to protect the two-year-old child at a store in Cheshire. Ms Ravenscroft said she was walking through the store with her daughter and grandson when the mirror-fronted wardrobe fell towards the child. “I could see the wardrobe falling towards the trolley. Dylan was stood up in the trolley at the time and I was to the side, near the wardrobe. It had been tied to a post but a member of staff was untying it to get to another piece of furniture. It was a split second thing. I just put myself in the way and Dylan ducked in the trolley. Between my arm and the trolley itself I stopped it hitting Dylan. He would have been squashed, it was a very heavy piece of furniture. It doesn’t bear thinking about how serious it could have been.”
After seeking legal advice, Ms Ravenscroft made a claim against IKEA, but was told by the company that it was fraudulent and that she was being “fundamentally dishonest”. She says that she would have been liable for a huge legal bill had she lost. “Ikea kept pushing me in court. I think they were trying to bully me in to dropping the complaint. All I wanted was for them to admit that it had happened and to make sure it didn’t happen again. I could have lost that court case. I’m certain they would have spent more than £100,000 in fighting me.”

Manchester County Court eventually found in favour of Ms Ravenscroft and she was awarded £3,500 in damages.

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