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Investigation launched into treatment of Manchester accountant

A serious incident review is taking place at Wythenshawe Hospital near Manchester following the treatment of a local man who was taken to hospital after food got stuck in his throat.
Mr Mahmood, who was not choking on the food, was admitted to hospital and scheduled to undergo an endoscopy.
The endoscopy was carried out three days after his admission and six days later, Mr Mahmood was in intensive care with severe pneumonia. His condition had been caused by a hole in his oesophagus allowing food to enter into the right side of his chest.
It is unclear if the hole had been caused by treatment he received in hospital or if it was already present in his oesophagus at the time of the endoscopy. However, Mr Mahmood’s family believe his care was below standard and are questioning whether enough was done to identify his medical condition, and if his condition had been diagnosed earlier, whether it would have made a difference to the outcome.
While most hospital patients receive treatment of a good standard, sometimes, things can go wrong. At such times, it is best to seek professional legal advice from a specialist medical negligence lawyer who will give you the guidance you need.
You should remember that medical negligence compensation can be claimed only when your solicitor can prove that your treatment fell below the standard that you would reasonably expect to receive, and that as a result of that poor treatment you suffered an injury.
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