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Meet Katy Burgin, specialist probate lawyer

Katy is a highly experienced probate lawyer and a registered member of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

STEP is a widely recognised specialist qualification that ensures practitioners are qualified to offer the very best advice when dealing with all issues relating to trusts and estate planning.

As a member of STEP, Katy is able to provide extensive information and support on the roles, responsibilities, limitations and liabilities of executors and trustees and guide clients through the complex language used in trust deeds.

She is also qualified to advise on the complex issues around taxation of trusts and estates as well as estate accounting. For complete peace of mind, Katy can advise clients on the tax regimes and exemptions that apply to individuals, personal representatives and trustees.

Katy has expert knowledge of the laws and procedures involved in trust and estate practice and extensive experience on administering intestate estates.

As an experienced probate lawyer and will writer, clients have the added security of knowing that Katy will advise them of the legal formalities involved in preparing a valid will and make sure they are alerted to any potential problems at the very beginning of the process.


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