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Law firms join forces to stamp out cold calling

The Charter has been established to drive out the unethical marketing practices such as cold calling, spam texts and emails, that are now plaguing consumers on a daily basis. Doncaster based Atherton Godrey, which has been established for over 35 years, is one of the first law firms to sign up to the national scheme.John McQuatar, head of litigation at the firm, said: “The Charter is all about taking a stand against nuisance marketing, misleading advertising and unethical information sharing.
Those signing the Charter demonstrate their commitment to professional marketing and publicly challenge others to improve.”
Last year, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) received 180,000 complaints from consumers frustrated by cold callers.
Mr McQuater, added: “These calls, often selling a wide range of products, invade people’s privacy, and leave them feeling harassed. They are damaging public confidence and unfortunately, the personal injury sector is often singled out.”
The are a number of things the public can do to join the fight against unethical marketing:•    Report nuisance calls, texts, spam, email or fax to the Information Commissioner’s Office•    Report silent or abandoned calls to Ofcom•    Report false or misleading advertising to the Advertising Standards Agency
More information can be found on the Ethical Marketing Charter website at or follow @ethicalcharter
Charter signatories will stand firmly against:
•    Nuisance marketing, cold calling or sending spam texts or spam emails•    Unethical buying and selling of accident data and the misuse of accident data to pressure people into making a claim•    Misleading advertising and making false or misleading promises in advertising

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