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Legal aid – its not all gone!

As a result of government plans to reduce spending a large proportion of people now find that they are no longer eligible for the free legal advice known as 'legal aid'.  

If we take a closer look though, legal aid is actually still available for a number of family matters, mailnly where someone is the victim of abuse / violence or has been the victim of abuse in the last 24 months.

Subject to a financial assessment, help with legal fees is still available to people who need advice about protection from an abusive partner, for example, applying for an injunction.

Legal aid for divorce and matters concerning children and any financial matters, is still available where evidence of domestic abuse exists. To qualify, a person needs to provide evidence of domestic abuse and this can be done in a variety of ways for example:

an unspent conviction for a domestic violence offence

a police caution

on-going criminal proceedings

protective injunction

multi-agency risk assessment conference

social services letter

domestic violence support letter

If someone is not currently a victim of domenstic abuse but has been in the past and they need help in respect of divorce, finance or children related matters against the perpetrator of domestic violence, legal aid may still be available. In some situations the evidence of domestic abuse can date back some 24 months.

Despite the changes to legal aid, Atherton Godfrey is still committed to providing assistance to those who need help. If legal aid is not available, we offer a range of fixed fee packages for family cases.

If you need legal advice and would like to discuss the availability of legal aid or other fee options please call a member of our dedicated family team who will be pleased to help.

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