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Less need for new foster homes in 2014

Latest figures released from the Fostering Network show a reduction in the number of new foster homes needed in the UK.
The figure has reduced slightly, from 9,000 homes needed last year to 8,600 this year, as a result of fewer children being assessed for foster care.
While the reduction in the need for new foster homes is encouraging, there are still large numbers of children living in foster homes across the UK. Currently, 63,000 children are living with 52,500 foster families, and there is a need for more families to foster, as about 4,000 placements end each year due to unforeseen circumstances.
The Fostering Network has appealed for potential foster families to come forward, as they have an urgent need to have more families available. This is to ensure that children are placed in families that can meet their particular needs. There is a real need for foster families who can take teenagers, children with disabilities or who have space for siblings to be fostered together.
Robert Tapsfield, the chief executive of the Fostering Network, says that recruiting foster parents is an ongoing battle. Even though over 7,200 new foster carers were identified in 2013, the challenge is to find the right home for the child the first time. Having a larger number of homes available provides better choice and diversity, and gives the best chance of achieving the right placement first time.
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