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London ambulance service pays £500,000 in compensation

The London Ambulance Service has been ordered to pay more than £500,000 in compensation to Ceri Leigh after it took 50 minutes for an ambulance to arrive on scene after she dislocated her knee.
While Mrs Leigh's injury may not sound serious, she was trapped between two bus seats during the wait. As a result of the time she spent trapped, she is now suffering from a debilitating post-traumatic stress disorder, which manifests itself with seizures and collapses.

Before the accident, Mrs Leigh worked at the Natural History Museum in London as a manager. However, she has had to leave her ‘dream job' as a result of her post-traumatic stress disorder and has since moved to South Wales.

Mrs Leigh got on the bus at Wimbledon Station at around 7pm, when her knee dislocated. While the other passengers went to help her and made several calls to the ambulance service, an ambulance took 50 minutes to arrive.

Mrs Leigh's psychological injuries resulted from the trauma caused by the long wait for an ambulance to arrive, and have changed her life.

The psychological symptoms include flashbacks of the incident on the bus, including the pain she felt at the time, and nightmares. In addition, Mrs Leigh has been left with dissociative seizures, which affect her most days. During the seizures, her body is numb and she cannot speak or move. This leaves her unable to go out on her own. In the middle of giving her evidence, she actually suffered a dissociative seizure before being allowed to continue by video link to avoid having to travel to London.

The judge accepted that the trauma of the excruciating pain had resulted in her psychological injuries and also in her having to leave her job and her home. She was awarded £522,379 by the judge.

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