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Louise Moore wins £16,000 compensation for school teacher with smashed teeth

Louise Moore, litigation assistant at Atherton Godfrey, recovered more than £16,000 compensation for a school teacher who had her teeth smashed when she was knocked off her bicycle.

The accident happened when a van driver, out on his delivery round, suddenly turned straight across the teacher’s path, knocking her to the ground; as is often the case in incidents like this the driver simply had not seen her.

Miss L, who had been on her way to work, suffered bruising and pains in her chest and wrist; fortunately X-rays confirmed there were no broken bones.

Of more concern to Miss L though were the two front teeth that had been smashed in the impact, something that she was extremely self-conscious about.

After leaving A&E, Miss L went to an emergency dentist who was able to make temporary repairs. Extensive treatment was going to be needed to properly repair the teeth and she was really worried what it was going to cost.  She decided to see if she was entitled to compensation to help with the expenses.

Louise took on the claim and entered into negotiations with the van driver’s insurance company. It came as a great relief to Miss L when they accepted liability and agreed to pay for her to have cosmetic dental work without having to wait for the claim to settle.

Even with liability admitted, there were further lengthy negotiations with the insurers before they agreed to properly compensate Miss L for the pain and suffering she had endured and also to refund the cost of bicycle repairs, travel expenses, medical expenses and the cost of replacing the clothing that had been damaged in the accident.


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