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Make a will and make it easier on your loved ones

Almost two thirds of the adult population in the UK does not have a Will.

It’s a difficult time when a loved one passes away and by not having a Will in place, it can become even more difficult.

There are many facts to consider when making a Will and understandably, a lot of people do not like to put pen to paper and think about what will happen when they die or they don’t think they need one.

However, by making a Will, you ensure who benefits from your estate and have the reassurance of knowing things will be easier for your loved ones.

Here are a few other things to think about when making a Will:

Firstly, you decide who you want to deal with your estate by appointing a particular person(s) to be your executor(s).

There may be items of sentimental value that you would wish for a certain loved one to have and by making a Will you can make sure this happens.

If you have small children, you can appoint someone of your choice to be their guardians and look after them if you were not here to do so yourself.

You can also state your funeral wishes in your Will, again, this is something that people do not like to discuss with loved ones but by doing so, your loved ones don’t have the worry that what they plan isn’t what you would have wanted.

Have you thought about your pets and what might happen to them when you are not around?  Anyone who has a pet knows that they are just like another member of the family. If you have agreed with someone or know someone that would take responsibility for your pet after you’ve passed away, this can be written into your Will for your peace of mind.
If you would like to make a Will then please contact our Wills and Probate Team on 01302 320621.


Author: Rachel Towle

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