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Meningitis child died through medical negligence

The family of an 11-year-old girl who contracted meningitis have been left devastated after she died following a catalogue of medical negligence errors.

Annalise Luffingham, Annie to her family and friends, died in February 2020 after contracting the deadly virus.

Annie’s parents are now calling for lessons to be learned after an inquest concluded that neglect contributed to the death of their daughter.

Mum, Tracey commented: “We didn’t want to take any chances with Annie’s health, and we thought that by taking her to hospital she would be in the best hands possible. It’s difficult not to think that when she needed help the most she was let down.

“Despite what happened to Annie, it’s vital people are aware of the signs and symptoms of meningitis and continue to seek medical help as soon as possible. It could make all the difference to their family.”

Annie had been taken to hospital suffering from persistent headaches, eye pain, dizziness and vomiting. She was confused and a high temperature.

Despite an increased respiratory rate, it was three hours before her condition was reviewed by a consultant.

Annie then waited for more than 6 hours before antibiotics were administered. Sepsis tests were not completed properly, meaning that Annie wasn’t transferred to the specialist paediatric team for appropriate treatment.

Tragically, staff also failed to note the deterioration in Annie’s condition and she went into  cardiac arrest. Medics fought to resuscitate her but Annie died the following day.

The coroner noted that there had been multiple issues in Annie’s care and concluded that it was not just one area or department where there were issues about the care received.

Annie’s mum, Tracey commented: “ Annie was the most wonderful, beautiful and inquisitive daughter we could have ever wished for. She loved horse riding and playing football and was academically gifted.

“That she will not grow up to fulfil her potential or celebrate life’s milestones such as passing her exams or starting her first job is something that I don’t think our family will ever get over.

The Trust admitted liability for Annie’s death and have drawn up plans to ensure lessons are learned from the tragedy.

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