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Midwife suspended after death of mother and baby

Sareena Ali, who was only 27, was induced in Queen’s hospital in Romford back in 2011 when she was 40 weeks pregnant. Mrs Ali and her husband had arrived at the hospital at 10am so she could be induced. By 7pm that day, Mrs Ali was in a lot of pain.
Between 7pm and 9.40pm, Mr Javed went to the midwives asking for help three times and was told by the senior midwife in charge, Ms Matovu, that there was no problem with Mrs Ali and that she was just in labour, even though she had not been examined.
He was told that labour pains were going to get worse as time went on. One midwife even commented to Mr Javed that he should have been reading books and that he had nine months to prepare.
When Ms Matovu finally went to see Mrs Ali and saw that she was not responsive, she left the ward and went home, instead of helping other midwives and doctors in their attempts to resuscitate her.
Mrs Ali was taken for a caesarean section, but her baby died shortly after being born. Five days after the birth of her child, Mrs Ali died from a ruptured womb and organ failure whilst in intensive care on life-support. The inquest into the death of Mrs Ali and her child found that the staff at the maternity unit at Queen’s Hospital had neglected Mrs Ali and had been partly responsible for her death.
The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) suspended Ms Matovu for only three months for not helping Mrs Ali, commenting that she showed a complete failure to act with kindness and consideration.
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