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Misdiagnosis leads to grandmothers death

Margaret Ward, who was 68, had suffered symptoms including dramatic weight loss, but doctors at Warrington Hospital ruled out mesenteric ischaemia, the condition she was actually suffering from, in favour of irritable bowel syndrome.
This mis-diagnosis meant that Mrs Ward did not get the treatment she needed for this condition, which effectively starves the bowel of the flow of blood.
Mrs Ward’s family were so concerned about her welfare that they paid for a private consultant to review her condition.
The private consultant made a suspected diagnosis of mesenteric ischaemia, but Mrs Ward did not recover from her condition and died in November 2012. The coroner ruled that Mrs Ward’s death was of natural causes, but commented on his concerns that no one was specifically in charge of Mrs Ward’s care and that ‘serious breakdowns in communication’ held up the diagnosis, which therefore led to the delay in treating Mrs Ward’s condition, which in the earlier stages could have been curable.
Mrs Ward’s family remain devastated by the loss of their mother who didn’t get to meet her 14th grandchild because of her missed diagnosis. If you or one of your family has been misdiagnosed or received a delay in treatment because of a late diagnosis, you may have a medical negligence claim. Speak to us about your claim and we can give you the legal advice you need at this difficult time. Call 01302 320621 or email

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