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Misdiagnosis left man in agony before he died

Peter Bellinger (77) died at Blackpool Victoria Hospital after his broken ribs went undiagnosed for days, after he fell on ice outside his home. Mr Bellinger had fractured seven ribs and the lack of treatment meant that he contracted pneumonia and septicaemia, which resulted in his death in 2010.
Mr Bellinger’s family feel that conditions at the hospital have still not improved since his death. They are supported by a report that was produced by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) earlier this year.
The CQC visited Blackpool Victoria in April and inspected the standards within the hospital. It found that out of eight departments, five of them were either ‘inadequate’ or ‘needing improvement’. The CQC also identified that the trust was not reporting incidents effectively, and that patient records and notes were poorly managed and hard to access.
Michelle Lunn, Mr Bellinger’s daughter, talked about how difficult it was to see her father crying in pain and that this was only the second time, other than when his mother died, that she had ever seen him cry. She feels it is important to continue to push for improvements in care at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, so that other people don’t have to suffer like her father did.
Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has fully accepted that the care Mr Bellinger received was not of a high enough standard and has issued an apology to the family. They have also highlighted the improvements in their processes since Mr Bellinger’s death, to ensure that both symptoms of pneumonia and sepsis were picked up.
In addition, there have also been changes in staffing levels and improvements in the mortality rate at the hospital. However, the CQC report earlier this year may not support these promises from the trust – there is clearly more work to be done.
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