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Mother admits assaulting 5 year old daughter

A woman from Cambridge was convicted of assault after she was filmed hitting her daughter, on a secret camera set up by the father of the child. He suspected his daughter was  being abused, so he set up the camera on top of his daughter’s wardrobe. He captured his partner grabbing his daughter by the leg and dragging her across her bed and smacking her four times on the bottom.
The father went straight to the police with the footage and now has custody of the five-year-old child.
When the footage was played in court, the mother covered her ears and was visibly distressed.
After being questioned by the police, the woman admitted that she felt that she had gone too far with the smacking and that she felt remorse as a result. When faced with the evidence and the charges, she pleaded guilty to assault by beating, but avoided a jail sentence and was given 180 hour community order.
The Children Act 2004 outlawed the smacking of a child, unless it was ‘reasonable’. However, its definition of ‘reasonable’ is rather ambiguous. Some clarification is offered by the Act which says any smacking which causes bruising, grazes, scratches, swelling or cuts is not allowed.
What is clear is the impact of the video evidence in this case. Without it, there would probably not have been enough evidence for a conviction.
If you have concerns about the safety of a child you should speak to the police. You can also contact the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000 or text 88858 about your concerns – don’t wait to be certain.
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