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Motorbike accidents – numbers reducing

Motorbike accidents have reduced over recent years.

Think! – the Department of Transports’ road safety campaign platform was established in 2000. Over the years, their innovative adverts have had a huge impact on reducing the number of road deaths.

Campaigns specifically aimed at motorbike safety began in 1978, with the “Think once, think twice, think bike” campaign, encouraging motorists to look out for bikers at junctions.

The campaign was relaunched in 2002, urging drivers to think bike, think biker again calling on drivers to check for bikers at junctions.

In 2012 another Think! Campaign was launched urging drivers to keep an eye out for bikers. For the first time short ads were also shown at petrol and service stations.

The good news is that between 2004 and 2020 fatalities decreased by 51% and serious injuries fell by 48%. However, an average of 6 motorcyclists still die on our roads each week.

Look and not see

Our personal injury lawyers recently handled a compensation claim that shows how a car driver can look and not see.

Our client was a biker who suffered a lower back injury when he was thrown from his motorbike after colliding with a car that had pulled out of a junction. The car driver had looked both ways but failed to see the biker approaching. Thinking it was safe, the driver pulled out of the junction but then stalled the car – there was nothing the biker could do to avoid the collision. Fortunately, he avoided serious injury but needed months of physiotherapy to aid his recovery.

Most accidents resulting in fatalities don’t happen at junctions, but on rural roads where riders are likely travelling at much higher speeds. It’s on these roads that both riders and drivers need to take extra care on bends and where the road dips.

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