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Motorists urged to BACKOFF

According to APIL, driving too close to the car in front, or tailgating, is common practice on our roads – which are said to be some of the most over-crowded in Europe.
This kind of driving contributes to the high number of low speed crashes that result in claims for whiplash injuries and damage to vehicles.
But, many of the accidents can be avoided simply by backing off and leaving a bigger gap.
At Atherton Godfrey, our team of personal injury specialists see first-hand the misery that this kind of reckless driving brings – nobody sets out to be involved in an accident – they would just as soon avoid the health, work and financial problems that being injured inevitably brings. Our personal injury lawyers will fight hard to make sure that accident victims get the compensation they deserve – but we would rather they avoided being involved in the accident in the first place. 
APIL’s chief executive, Deborah Evans said: “It would be completely unacceptable for someone to stride closely behind you in a shop or to breathe down your neck in a queue, yet it’s almost tolerated on the road.” 
A short animated video has been created to show some social settings where being so close to one another would be more than just a little bit uncomfortable!
It is well worth watching – see the video here: click to watch 
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