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Moves to stamp out coercive behaviour

It is intended that this will help to protect victims from extreme psychological and emotional abuse, including ruling everyday aspects of someone’s life, such as their friendships, controlling their finances and any form of any independent life. The offence will be punishable by a sentence of a maximum of five years in prison and a fine.  Many have welcomed this as a long overdue amendment to the Law and recognition that domestic abuse can be more far reaching than acts of physical violence.  Such abuse can be just as intimidating and damaging.
The greatest difficulty may be in providing evidence of the behaviour which is frequently verbal and also frequently behind closed doors.
Although there may be difficulties, it gives both women and men who have been the victims of domestic abuse hope that this form of abuse will now be properly recognised.  For further advice, in complete confidence, talk to us, we are experienced family lawyers and can give you the legal advice you need. Call 01302 320621 today. 

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