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Moving home is more stressful than divorce

The research was conducted by energy company E.ON who found that the average person moves house five times in their lives (though other surveys have put the figure as high as eight times), and that the stress of moving lasts for months. This is hardly surprising given the arrangements that have to be made in the course of moving. For those buying a new house there is usually the process of selling the old one and arranging a new mortgage, sometimes along with bridging loans. For tenants, a suitable property must still be found, and at the right time to allow them to give notice and move out with time to spare. Both groups need to pack up their belongings and organise for utilities providers to switch properties – including power companies, water, telephone and broadband and various forms of buildings and contents insurance. Then there is the hassle of taking time off work and the move itself, plus weeks, months or even years of unpacking and settling in at the other end: a quarter of movers don’t fully finish unpacking for weeks, and frequent movers may never unpack some boxes before the next move.The legal side of moving house can be particularly stressful due to the many different arrangements to be made and parties to co-ordinate. Neither is this something that you can do without specialist assistance – meaning it’s all the more important to find a reliable, experienced property solicitor to help things go smoothly.
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