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Mud on road leads to five figure payout for motorcyclist

A motorcyclist who came off her bike after skidding on mud left on the road by local farmers was awarded £10,000 in compensation.
Carrie Dickinson had the accident back in September 2013, when she was 16. She was travelling from college to visit her father, who lived in a nearby town, when she hit a patch of mud and lost control of her motorbike. She fell from the bike and landed on her shoulder and head at the side of the road. She suffered concussion and a broken collar bone, which required surgery, as well as other minor injuries. “The accident happened mid-corner and I ended up about 20m down the road. It’s a bit of a blur and I can’t really describe the emotions I was feeling. But it was pure shock and my legs were like jelly.”
The road was close to two farmers’ fields, and the solicitors representing Miss Dickinson made the case that one of them had been responsible for her injuries due to allowing the road to become or remain dangerous, and for not warning of the hazard or fencing off the area. The insurance company that represents the two local farmers admitted liability for one of them.
“This was quite an unusual case,” commented the solicitor dealing with her case. “There was a lot of mud and it was clear to see in the photographic evidence, but we still had to prove the farmer was negligent in not removing it. We initially went to the local council, but it was not their responsibility and we investigated further. I was pleased that the insurance company came back and admitted liability for one of the farmers so quickly.”
Carrie has stated that she will never forget the accident, but that she hopes to use the money to finish her driving lessons and buy a car.

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