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Multi million pound settlement for injured child

Maisha had a rare medical condition, which meant that her arteries and veins could become entangled, resulting in internal bleeding. Despite this, she led a relatively healthy life, until she went into Great Ormond Street hospital for embolisation treatment in June 2010.
The treatment involved injecting glue to block off bleeding blood vessels, and an injection of a harmless dye to check the flow of blood around the brain and head.She had received the treatment previously.
However, on this occasion, a tragic mistake was made when, instead of the harmless dye being injected into the artery to her brain, glue was injected instead leading her to suffer permanent and catastrophic brain injury.
The hospital did not have a system in place for distinguishing between glue and dye syringes, which led to the terrible mistake.
As a result of this medical negligence Maisha will need constant care for the rest of her life.
She was awarded a settlement of a £2.8 million lump sum, with additional yearly sums of £383,000, which will then rise to £423,000 a year once she is 19.
Maisha’s family have been working with the NHS Trust to ensure that improvements are made and a repeat of such a terrible incident prevented.
If you are worried or concerned about the treatment you or a loved one has received, and you think you may have suffered from medical negligence, you should speak to a specialist medical negligence solicitor to see how they can help you.

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