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Mum to be savaged by dog

Laura Holmes, 21, was seven months pregnant when she was brutally attacked by Koda, a nine-year-old Akita, in May 2014. The 50kg dog ripped off her lip and also bit her legs and arms.
Laura needed 60 facial stitches and emergency corrective surgery when she was 29 weeks pregnant. She also needed to undergo major reconstructive surgery, which is to be continued in 2015.
Doctors feared that her wounds might rupture as a result of the stress of natural labour, so they delivered her baby, Nathaniel, now 15 weeks, by a C-section.
Laura now struggles with confidence and is in need of psychological and physical support as she has trouble drinking and eating. She was so traumatised by her injuries that she could not bear to look in a mirror for about two months after the attack.
The dog’s owner, 49-year-old Tracie Taylor, admitted that her dog was out of control, which is a violation of Section 3 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. She was handed a four-month prison sentence and was ordered to pay Ms Holmes £1,000 compensation. She was also banned from animal ownership for life, and the dog was ordered to be destroyed.
It later emerged that the dog had caused critical injuries to another person in 2009, but Taylor was not prosecuted on that occasion because the dog had not attacked in a public place. Prior to the 1997 amendments to the Act, pet owners were prosecuted only if their pet had attacked a person in public.
Taylor is the first person in England to have been charged under the 1991 Act since the changes came into force.
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