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National campaign puts spotlight on stress at work

The annual event is all about helping employers to tackle stress in the workplace by raising awareness of the number of solutions that are available.This year’s theme was “Stress: the balancing act”, which aimed to help find ways of achieving a healthy work life balance.
In 2013/14 there were more than 11 million working days lost due to stress, depression or anxiety – a good proportion of which was attributed to the workplace. Employers have a duty of care to their employees under health and safety laws to risk assess potential causes of stress, and to take measures to control risks from work related stress. Our key tips for employers are:

Keep potential sources of stress at work under review – things such as workloads and working relationships should be continually monitored so that measures to combat these stressors can be taken
Ensure you have an effective system for managing absence – as an employer you need to know if an absence is caused by stress at work, and the key is early intervention, don’t let a situation spiral out of control
Implement training for your key personnel so that they can identify and respond to signs of stress in your employees

At Atherton Godfrey we can help you implement a strategy for managing the potential for stress, and advise you on any situation that might arise with an employee claiming stress at work. The most important thing to remember is deal with the situation early – seek advice at the outset to avoid the situation worsening and the threat of legal claims arising.
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