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Seven year old boy wins £30 million compensation

What a great headline grabbing sum of money that is – but what about the people behind the headline?

First of all, let’s look at the word “wins” – he hasn’t WON anything. This is a child who will never get to live the life he was entitled to.

Instead of having an exciting adventure starting school, he was labelled naughty and disruptive and spent most of the time excluded because of his ‘grossly abnormal behaviour’.

He’s only 7 years old, but already needs the help of two support workers just to get through the day.

Then there are the parents who, day in and day out, were subject to intense scrutiny by social services, who blamed their ‘bad parenting’ and lack of discipline for their son’s unruly behaviour.

Throughout all this, his parents have had to fight to prove that their son’s behaviour is a result of medical negligence during his birth.

Following his birth by emergency caesarean at University College Hospital in London in July 2012, the boy had to be resuscitated and suffered seizures.

The hospital had not recognised the pregnancy as high risk and as a result, there had been a delay in calling a doctor.

Lawyers working with the family detailed how the outcome could have been very much different had the boy been born just 10 minutes earlier.

Besides the seizures, he also suffered from encephalopathy, hypoglycaemia, sepsis and high blood pressure that affected his lungs. He has since been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

The hospital only accepted liability after independent medical experts proved that the negligent treatment during his birth was the cause of his severe cognitive and behavioural problems.

Barts Health NHS Trust said it was “deeply sorry” and “pleased to have reached a settlement with the family.”

The settlement will be used to fund a support care programme to make sure that the child has the best life possible, for what is likely to be many years to come.

The boy’s mother said: “We are finally able to turn the page of one of the most difficult chapters of our lives.

I draw strength from my son, who has taught me forgiveness, patience and resilience. My son came into this world fighting for his life and so we shall embrace the warrior he is as the journey continues.”

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