No win no fee is also known as a conditional fee agreement (CFA). It’s an agreement with your solicitor that means you can claim compensation without the worry of having to pay any legal fees upfront. Your solicitor will take care of the cost of any medical, police or expert reports that are needed to support your claim, sometimes by arranging a loan to cover the costs. They will also pay for any specialist care, adaptations or physiotherapy that you need while your claim is in progress.

How it works
Your solicitor takes out an insurance policy, called After The Event insurance (ATE), on your behalf. If you don’t win your case, the policy takes care of the legal fees, and the expenses.

If you do win, your solicitor claims the majority of their expenses from the other side and you pay a percentage out of your compensation.
Under this arrangement you are guaranteed to receive an agreed percentage of your compensation, leaving you free to concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

The small print
Some law firms offer up to 100 per cent compensation – we don’t make this pledge.
The pledge we make is that we will recover the most appropriate amount of compensation for your injury – we will not necessarily take the first offer, simply to close the case quickly and move onto the next. We will always offer advice that is in your best interests.

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