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Permissive parenting style not acceptable

A judge has given residence of two children to their father following his ruling that their mother’s permissive parenting style had failed her children.

Judge Laura Harris gave residence to the boys’ father, who was willing and better able to give them structure, discipline and boundaries, as opposed to their mother, who was more like a friend than a parent.

Whilst the court is understanding of different styles of parenting, in this particular case, the judge felt there had been real damage to the children as a result of permissive parenting. This was shown in the boys’ behaviour when engaging with adults, where they showed a real lack of discipline.

The couple had been married for six years before they separated. Two years later, a court ordered the mother to have residence and the father to have contact with the boys at weekends. In 2012, the father applied to the court for residence as he was being denied contact to them as agreed.

During his application to the court, he expressed concerns about his ex-wife’s mental state and also about his children’s needs. He told the court that his children were allowed to play computer games constantly and that they did not go to bed at a reasonable time. Most of the time, they were allowed to do as they pleased, with no intervention from their mother.  The Judge was concerned about what she described as the mother’s “almost pathological” hatred of the father, which meant she completely overlooked the needs of the children.

The mother argued strongly that the children were good boys and that she had done everything possible to ensure that the boys had a good relationship with their father.

After hearing from both parties, Judge Harris decided in favour of the father, who had never given up in the quest for a relationship with his boys, now 11 and 14 years old. In addition, he had a better insight of the needs of two teenage boys.

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