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Help with personal debt recovery

As Covid-19 bites into everyone’s life, debts are spiralling, with some estimating that household borrowing and debt arrears have surged by over £4bn since May.

While the government has extended furlough payments until March, policymakers have put a 6-month cap on the credit amnesty, putting even more pressure on people.

Are you owed money?

If someone owes you money you will want to try and recover it as quickly as possible.

If they are unable to pay that’s one thing, but if they are slow to pay or are refusing to pay, then there are debt recovery options open to you. Which option you choose will depend on the amount of money you are owed.

Formal letter

Sometimes a formal solicitor’s letter is enough for to convince your debtor that you are serious about recovering the money they owe.


You could try mediation where an impartial mediator will help both sides to reach an agreement.

Court system

If the debt is less than £100,000 and is owed by no more than 2 people or organisations, you could use the online debt recovery service.

Statutory demand

If the debt is more than £100,000 and less than 6 years old, you can use a statutory demand. This will give the debtor 21 days to either pay off the debt or reach an agreement with you about how they plan to pay you. If the debt is more than 6 years old you will need to take legal advice.


If the person or organisation has filed for bankruptcy, you will need to register your claim straight away. You might not be able to recover all the money owed but you should receive something.

Need legal help?

If you don’t have the time or desire to chase the debt yourself, we have an expert debt recovery team that can help in a range of ways – call and have a no obligation chat about your options 01302 320621.

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