Fixed Fees

We have a range of fixed fee packages for many areas of family law work. Please see individual factsheets for full details of what is and is not included in the following costs:


Change of Name

  • Change of name deed (adult) £80.00

Children Matters

  • Initial advice £75.00
  • Preparation of court application £450.00
  • Respondent in application £350.00
  • Advice in support of mediation £200.00
  • Advice in support of mediation – agreement reached £175.00 + court fees
  • Attending case conference £350.00 + travel expenses if outside Doncaster

Divorce, Separation & Financial Matters

  • Initial advice £75.00
  • Divorce/Civil partnership PETITIONER £600.00 + court fees (a fee of £75 + VAT is payable for any negotiations in relation to costs)
  • Divorce/Civil partnership RESPONDENT £350.00 (a fee of £75 + VAT is payable for any negotiations in relation to costs)
  • Financial consent order £650.00
  • Advice in support of mediation £200.00


  • First meeting £75.00
  • Injunction application £825.00


Any delay, whether caused by you or another party, unforeseen events or disputed issues will result in additional work and costs to those listed above. We will of course advise you if this happens and provide you with an estimate of the likely additional costs.

What we ask of you

Our agreement to carry out work for a fixed fee is on the basis that you:

  • Keep any appointments that we make for you
  • Provide us with any information and documentation that we need promptly
  • Let us know immediately if there is any relevant change of circumstances
  • Provide us with clear and consistent instructions

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Where we can help

If our fixed fee packages are not appropriate for your case we will give you an estimate of our charges on an hourly rate.

We will keep you up to date on the costs being incurred and provide you with regular interim bills so that you are always kept up to date with the progress of your case, as well as the payments you need to make.

If you would like more information, or just want a confidential chat about your options, contact our friendly supportive team today.

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