Family Mediation

The end of a relationship can be a turbulent time and making solid practical arrangements for the future can bring much needed stability for everyone involved.

Mediation can help you and your partner to work out these arrangements together, and to reach solutions that you both feel are fair. It can also help you resolve issues about property and financial affairs and questions about contact and living arrangements for your children, in a calm and practical way.

By talking matters through together with your impartial mediator, difficult misunderstandings can often be avoided and the process of separating can be made significantly less stressful.

What is mediation?
Mediation is a way of helping separating and separated couples to consider all the practical arrangements that must be made about property, finance and children and to reach workable agreements. It involves talking through the issues with an experienced mediator who will help you to find fair and balanced solutions. Mediation can be useful at any stage in the relationship breakdown or even long after separation if there are still issues to be resolved.

Is mediation like counselling?
Mediation is not counselling. If you want help in trying to repair your relationship or help dealing with emotional or psychological issues, the mediator will recommend that you see a suitable counsellor or therapist.

Do I have to commit myself to an agreement during mediation?
No. You will never be asked to reach a final and binding agreement without first reviewing with your solicitor what has been proposed.

Does mediation work?
Mediation helps. Whether it works depends on the particular case and the couple involved. It has been used successfully by many people for many years and is increasingly popular with couples that would prefer to find their own solutions as amicably as possible.

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