Holiday Claims

With around 30 million Britons travelling the world each year, holiday accidents, holiday injuries and holiday illness are becoming far more common, and almost 4,000 people come home injured or ill each year.

Health and safety standards are often much lower in foreign countries than they are in the UK and poor standards of maintenance or hygiene can often take the unsuspecting holidaymaker by surprise.

Claiming compensation can be difficult because it usually has to be claimed in the country where the injury or illness occurred. In many European countries the cost of living is much lower than in the UK and this could mean much lower levels of compensation.

However, if you were taken ill or were injured while you were on a package holiday (where the flight or transport and accommodation were bought together) then you can claim against the package provider under the Package Tours Regulations 1992. The claim will be brought in the UK and under English law there is a proper assessment of the costs you have incurred, such as living expenses, loss of income, rehabilitation or adaptation costs, medical treatment etc.

Recording the incident

Always report your injury or illness to the hotel staff and your travel representative straight away. Make sure it is recorded in the accident book, get someone to take photos of what caused the accident, if appropriate, and try to get a list of witnesses.

Make sure you keep any receipts for medical treatment, travel or any additional purchases that you had to make as a direct result of the accident/illness/injury.

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How we can help

Our expert personal injury lawyers have experience of recovering compensation for holidaymakers who have been injured in a wide range of foreign holiday destinations. Some of the more common holiday compensation claims are a result of:

  • Slips and trips due to wet or defective flooring
  • Swimming pool accidents due to broken glass/tiles or defective steps/slides
  • Injuries sustained while on an organised excursion
  • Falls due to badly maintained hotel paths, grounds, steps or railings
  • Illness caused by poor hotel hygiene, legionnaires or food poisoning for example

If your holiday has been ruined by an accident or illness that was not your fault and you would like advice about claiming compensation, contact our friendly team today.

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