Motorbike Accidents

Motor cyclists, however skilled they are at handling their machines, are still extremely vulnerable. While motor cycles only represent around 1% of all road traffic, they are involved in around 18% of all serious or fatal accidents on our roads.

Accidents can be caused by the careless or negligent driving of other road users, by the poor condition of our roads or even by the rider's lack of experience, sometimes with fatal consequences.

Our personal injury specialists have successfully handled motorbike accident claims for many years. Whether you are the rider or the pillion, riding for pleasure or as part of your job, our lawyers have the expertise you need.

However serious your injury, if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and it wasn’t your fault, our team is here to help.

We have successfully handled claims involving:

• Accidents caused by defective vehicles
• Brain and spinal injuries
• Broken bones
• Claims involving uninsured drivers
• Claims involving pedestrians
• Life changing injuries
• Fatalities

No win no fee may be available

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How we can help

You can be certain that we’ll recover the maximum amount of compensation available while also making sure that you get the rehabilitation support you need to recover as quickly as possible.

We will also recover out-of-pocket expenses and can often secure upfront payments to help improve your financial position while you’re waiting for the claim to be settled.  We may also be able to handle your claim on a no win no fee agreement.

If you would like more information or would just like to discuss your options, contact our friendly professionals today.

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