Occupational Deafness

Occupational deafness, or industrial deafness, comes as a direct result of being exposed to excessive noise in the workplace over a prolonged period of time.

The damage to your hearing will normally be permanent, but the severity will depend on the amount of noise you have been exposed to and over what period of time.

Your employer has a legal duty to provide the correct equipment to ensure a safe and healthy workplace and must supply appropriate protective equipment, where necessary. In a noisy environment this will include providing earplugs or ear defenders.

Occupational deafness is an extremely serious condition and can lead to a condition known as Tinnitus, which can cause you to experience unpleasant ringing or buzzing in your ears. It can have a severe impact on the qualify of your life and can limit your ability to carry out simple things, such as chatting on the telephone, going to the cinema or even just walking your dog. It can also interfere with your ability to sleep and make it hard for you to concentrate.

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