Professional Negligence

When you take professional advice from people such as accountants, surveyors, barristers, solicitors, financial advisors, or doctors for example, you rightly expect the advice to be accurate and appropriate to your particular circumstances.

You have a legal right to expect the service or advice you receive to be of an acceptable standard. If that standard falls below what you could reasonably expect from someone in their profession, and it results in a financial loss, then there may have been a breach of duty. If this is the case, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Claims for professional negligence are subject to strict time limits, so it's important to get specialist legal advice as soon as possible.

Professional negligence has become more common as an increasing number of people come to rely on professional advice for complex matters. People are generally also far more aware now of their legal rights and are prepared to take action to recover their losses.

No one can give accurate advice all the time. However, there may be a case for compensation if you feel that you have been give particularly bad service, for example:

  • Trust and estates that have been mismanaged
  • Bad investments made on the advice of a financial advisor
  • Poor service from a property solicitor leading to the loss of a sale
  • A missed time limit on a personal injury claim
  • A badly drafted or invalid Will

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