Selling Property

The route you choose to go down when selling your property is a personal one and will depend on your circumstances.

You can sell your property yourself, sell it online or use a traditional estate agent. If you use an agent, you could do the viewings yourself, or leave it all to the agent. An agent will do all the negotiating; if you sell yourself, you will have to do the negotiating.

To determine the selling price, ask a couple of estate agents for a valuation and compare their valuations against the price of other similar properties nearby. However, you can set the price higher if you think your property warrants a higher asking price, perhaps because of additional work you have carried out.

If you’ve opted to sell through an estate agent, do some research on which will be the best one for you. The cheapest isn’t always the best and the one that gives the highest valuation isn’t necessarily the best either. Consider which agent seems to be successfully selling their properties locally, and which offers the services that you want.

Other options include selling to one of the companies that offer to buy your home quickly, but beware – their price will be much lower than the market value. Alternatively, moving to a new build could be an option, as many builders will give full market value for your property in part-exchange.

Whichever route to selling you take, you do not have to accept the first offer you receive, in fact, you should take time to consider your position if the offer is below what you were asking.

The highest offer isn’t necessarily the best option either – consider the buyers position and remember, the sale could fall through because of problems with the buyers mortgage or the property survey. Your estate agent will check the buyer’s financial position and will be able to offer guidance.

If your circumstances change, you are under no legal obligation to complete the sale until contracts have been exchanged. However, bear in mind that the buyer will have incurred costs by this time so it would be unfair to market your property if you are not really sure about selling.

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