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Points for over-60s to consider when divorcing

These so-called "silver separators” have different needs to younger divorcees, due to their circumstances in life. They are more likely to be drawing a pension, and probably no longer have dependent children. Here are a few points to bear in mind if you are 60+ and thinking about a divorce.

Numbers will continue to rise. The UK has an aging population, as the baby boom generation retires. The number of over-65s is expected to reach 20 million by 2031, from around 11 million now. Assuming the trend of divorcing later in life continues or even stabilises, that means more older divorcees, too.

Remarriage. Although the majority of these divorces are initiated by women, women are currently far less likely to remarry afterwards. This is partly because men tend to marry younger women, and partly because women tend to live longer, meaning there are fewer older men than women in the same age range.

Women tend to be worse off after a divorce. Economically, women generally come out of a divorce worse off. This may be because they have taken time out from a career to raise children, and have paid less into their pensions as a result – plus women still get paid less on average, in the first place. It is important to consult a divorce lawyer therefore to ensure that fairness is achieved within the divorce settlement.

Changing rules on pension payments may assist older couples to resolve financial matters on divorce. As it is now possible to take a lump sum from your pension, divorcing couples may no longer have to sell a jointly-owned property in order to split their wealth, instead using a pension to find the money. However, there are tax implications to this, so it is worth consulting a financial adviser or divorce lawyer beforehand.

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