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Police response to domestic abuse is ineffective

The report, commissioned by Government said that the police response was “ineffective” and “thousands of people could be at risk of harm or even murder because of their widespread failure to tackle domestic abuse.”
Home Secretary Theresa May plans to chair a new group that will drive ‘radical changes’ to the way police respond. Police chiefs acknowledge the need for change if they are to protect victims and say they are “working towards improvements, despite cuts.”  The report highlights the scale of the problem saying that police receive over a million calls a year relating to domestic abuse. Around 58,000 victims, the vast majority of which are female, are at “serious risk of harm or even murder” and as many as three women a fortnight are killed by their partner or ex-partner.Jayne Kirtley, family lawyer at Atherton Godfrey, said: “Domestic abuse very often goes unreported and that should not be the case. “We have a highly experienced family department that deals with cases of this nature on a daily basis. Swift action can be taken to help protect the victim and Legal Aid is still available in domestic abuse cases.”I would urge anyone suffering from domestic abuse whether it is physical, emotional, financial or sexual, to contact us about the options available, especially if they are feeling let down by other services such as the police.”For further information contact Jayne Kirtley on 01302 320621 or alternatively by email at and guidance on dealing with domestic violence can also be found on our website click here

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