Employment Policies Audit

Employment policies are a key tool for a business that enables it to clearly set out how the business intends to manage people, sets out key information for staff, and provides a framework for making decisions on HR issues.

Policies must reflect current employment laws, which change frequently, and so it is extremely important that regular checks are carried out on policies to ensure they remain up to date.

Clear and up-to-date policies and procedures will also help a business to recruit and retain staff by ensuring a positive work environment where staff are treated fairly and consistently.

We can provide an audit of your employment policies to check that policies are up to date and relevant. The audit will also help to develop the employment policies further, and identify additional policies that would add value to the business and enable it to manage staff more effectively.

Our audit of policies and procedures is carried out for a fixed cost (the fee is dependent on the size of the business – please contact us for a quote).

We would recommend that businesses have this audit done on an annual basis – employment laws are ever changing and it is vital to ensure your procedures are up to date.

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