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Prevent whiplash by adjusting your headrest

Today, 15th August 2018, is Injury Prevention Day and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), of which many of Atherton Godfrey’s lawyers are accredited specialists, is urging car users to protect themselves from whiplash injuries by making sure their headrests are in the correct position.

According to Brett Dixon, APIL’s president, “Your headrest can’t do its job if you haven’t adjusted it to fit you – its like leaving the batteries out of a smoke detector”.

APIL has devised an infographic to help you fit your headrest correctly. Brett says “Make sure it is as close to the back of your head as possible, ideally touching. The top of the headrest should also be as high as the top of your head. Place your hand on top of your head to check.”

Half of all car crashes result in a whiplash injury, so you should check your headrests on every journey – and that includes those in the back seats, as whiplash can affect passengers in the back as well as the front of your car.

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