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Reducing NHS errors will save thousands of lives

Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt said that halving the number of mistakes that occur within the NHS would save as many as 6,000 lives over the next three years.
Many of the errors that occur are avoidable and include such as bedsores, blood clots or medication errors which can then lead to fatalities or devastating, life changing injuries such as amputations.
Although the Trusts will not be forced to take part in the safety drive, they will be rewarded with reduced insurance premiums if they do.
Other measures aimed at improving patient safety also include the introduction of a ‘duty of candour’ which will ensure that the NHS is open and honest with patients about the mistakes that have affected them.
Christopher Noble, head of clinical negligence at Atherton Godfrey, welcomed the move and said: “When things do go wrong, patients and their families need to know that measures will be taken to reduce the chances of them happening to anyone else. They really do not need the unnecessary pain and suffering that goes hand in hand with trying to get to the bottom of what happened.”
According to shadow health minister, Jamie Reed, nursing staff believe that their wards are dangerously understaffed and think that patient safety has got worse over the past year.
If you or a family member have been affected by a medical error, call and speak to one of our friendly team who will be able to help you to decide what steps to take next – call 01302 320621 in complete confidence.

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