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Road traffic accident? FREE mobile service for motorists

In 2012, there were 195,700 recorded road casualties in Great Britain – of these, about 1,750 were fatalities.
Common causes of these road traffic accidents include speeding, drink driving and inexperience.
As the victims of these road traffic accidents know all too well, obtaining insurance details from the other party adds another layer of stress to what are already distressing circumstances.
In the first instance, the immediate challenges of being in an accident are not only physical, but financial. Accident victims can find themselves unable to work, which can seriously affect their income.
Help is at hand with askMID, a FREE mobile phone service from the Motorist Insurers’ Bureau (MIB). Accident victims can use their mobile phone to check the insurance details of the other parties involved in a road traffic accident, right by the roadside.
askMID takes the stress out of collecting insurance for drivers by ensuring that they have all the details they need to make a claim, right at the time of the accident.
The free service is a much-needed and welcome tool that victims of road traffic accidents will appreciate. It saves time by giving them the information they need to process their claim against the other party more efficiently, and also makes it easier to track uninsured drivers and ensure that their victims are compensated fairly and quickly.
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