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Road traffic accidents involving children

Statistics from 2011 show that a total of 2,412 children were killed or seriously injured on British roads – that's seven children every single day. The children were all under 15 years of age and the figure also includes 60 children who lost their lives.

Whilst these figures make hard reading, thankfully, the number of children dying on our roads is falling. Between 2005-2009, fatal accidents involving children fell by over 50%, which is encouraging.

In 2011 alone, the calculated financial cost of road accidents involving children was £547 million, which is a staggering figure. This figure does include medical costs, expected loss of earnings, contributions throughout their lifetime and a figure based on what someone would pay to avoid pain, suffering and grief. It does not, however, count the emotional cost of children and road traffic accidents.

Diane Parker, head of Atherton Godfrey's Personal Injury department, said: "If a child is seriously injured in an accident, there may be changes to their personality after a head injury, or physical changes following a spinal or back injury.

"They may suffer psychological injuries from the accident itself, or from their injuries if they have been disfigured by the accident. These include anxiety, post-traumatic stress and depression, which are common in children who have been involved in a serious road accident.

"The family will also face an emotional cost, especially if their child has died in a road accident and some parents never recover from a tragedy on this scale."

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