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Same sex couples able to legally marry

In December 2005 the first Civil Ceremony for same sex couples took place in the UK. This was a significant change in the law providing same sex couples with most of the legal rights that opposite sex couples have who marry. The Civil Partnership Act 2004 has been embraced by thousands of same sex couples across the country who have now formed civil partnerships. March 2014 will see yet another significant change in the law when same sex couples will for the first time be able to legally marry in the UK. This change in law provides same sex couples with the equality that they have been striving for. Another change in the law in October 2013 lifted the 8am-6pm restrictions for weddings so it is now possible to get married in the UK 24/7 (subject to registrar availability of course). One couple taking advantage of this on 29 March 2014 at 12:01 am will be the first ever same sex couple to legally marry in the UK. Congratulations to the lucky couple! We don’t think you will have any difficulty staying awake for the historical and special occasion. So, now the law provides for same sex couples to marry or form a civil partnership; what’s the difference? Follow the link to a helpful table on the government website to find out –

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