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Same sex marriage figures released

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has finally released its report that looks in detail at the figures for same-sex marriage in England and Wales since its introduction at the end of March this year.
Over 1,400 couples married in the first three months, from March to June, and 95 of those weddings took place in the first three days.
Of the 1,400 couples, 784 were women and 616 were men. The average age of the women was 37 and just over 38.5 for the men.
In addition to the couples choosing to marry under The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, 120,000 couples who entered into a civil partnership are now able to convert their partnership into a marriage by the end of 2014.
Interestingly, the uptake of same-sex marriage has been slower than that of civil partnerships by over 400, when compared with the figures from January to March of 2012.
Although there has been much discussion about the introduction of same-sex marriage, there has not been a huge uptake, as reported by many local registration services for councils. The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners also noted that, although there was initial excitement over the introduction of the ‘pink pound’ to the marketplace, no associated peak had been noticed.
The Quakers, one of the religious organisations who actively campaigned for same-sex marriage, held three weddings in the three-month period.
Once all couples who are already in a civil partnership are allowed to convert their partnership, these figures may peak, but are likely to level out.
All same-sex couples will be able to choose whether to marry or to enter into a civil partnership, and the government is also considering whether to allow heterosexual couples to enter into civil partnerships.
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