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Sexual abuse claims

There has been significant media coverage recently highlighting the victims of sexual abuse and their quest for justice. This is an area of law that has seen a number of developments, and split opinions on when and how action should be taken.

The truth is that there is no right or wrong answer. Each person who has been the victim of sexual abuse has a different moment in their life when they feel ready to, or decide to, speak out. What triggers this moment is different for each person. It could be something on TV has brought back memories or they have seen someone from their past. It may just be that they are ready. Just because they have not told the world immediately after the abuse happened doesn't mean that they accepted it or should not be allowed to feel a sense of justice.

The feeling of justice can come in many forms and from the smallest step. For some people, speaking out and telling someone what happened can be enough to give them back the feeling of power. For others, speaking out is just the beginning and getting advice on their options for justice can empower them in ways that they couldn't imagine.

Facing their abuser and making them accountable for what they have been through can change the victims life and any compensation received from the process can help them make a fresh start and build for the future.

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