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Sexual abuse in football

There has been a great deal of media coverage recently surrounding what seems to be a large scale issue of sexual abuse in football. Young boys of all ages were passed into the care of clubs and organisations, trusted by their families, with hope of their lives being the things dreams are made of as they developed into the next generation of English footballers.

However, it now appears that the reality for a number of these young boys couldn’t have been further from this. Their lives were changed forever in a way that none of the families could have foreseen.  A number of players have come forward and spoken out about how they were subjected to sexual abuse from people trusted by the clubs, their families and the boys themselves. As a result, investigations have been launched by the FA, the individual clubs, independently and by the police. Due to the courage of these players, a problem has been uncovered, on a scale that nobody could have imagined.

The media coverage of this ‘scandal’ and its suggested ‘cover up’ has again raised how times have changed when it comes to people speaking out and getting justice for abuse they were subjected to. It again raises how times have changed when it comes to girls and boys, men and women being believed and taken seriously when speaking out.

This latest area of concern also raises a frightening question, if such a loved, well respected and well followed sport can be at the centre of such a horrifying and major investigation, are people in less well known or well respected sports being subjected to abuse and trauma that they should be protected from? It demonstrates that anyone who places themselves in a position of trust with another person or as part of an organisation can be at risk and could end up as a victim of physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

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