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Shocking neglect in elderly care home

With private care homes still reeling from the Winterbourne View scandal exposed by Panorama back in 2012, Panorama then went on to broadcast another shocking exposure of the treatment of elderly patients in care homes.
The programme showed how a family resorted to placing a hidden camera in their 98-year-old grandmother’s room. Their grandmother was left calling for help to go to the toilet for an hour before someone came, and even then, she was not helped to the toilet.
As a result of the video, two care assistants were convicted of common assault. The local safeguarding team also suggested that the care provided by the nursing home amounted to neglect and institutional abuse.
Poor levels of care given by untrained and low paid staff are on the increase. There is some suggestion that the answer to this care crisis is to have cameras installed in care homes, so that staff understand that they cannot get away with abuse or neglect.
Leaving a 98-year-old woman for over an hour before allowing her access to a toilet is unacceptable. However, the reality is that incidences of neglect and abuse in care homes are in the minority, but still unacceptable.
Our life expectancy is rising every year, which means there are more old people in the UK, and numbers will continue to grow. This means that the crisis of care for the elderly has worrying implications for us all in the future.
If someone in your family has suffered neglect in a nursing home, you can make a claim against the nursing home involved. Speak to a specialist medical negligence solicitor who will be able to offer you advice on how to take things forward.

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