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Should hands free mobile be banned too whilst driving?

Using handheld mobile phones when driving was made illegal over 10 years ago. However, hands-free devices were not included in the ban.
Road safety charity, Brake has called into question the safety of hands-free mobile phone use following a survey it conducted alongside insurance giant Direct Line.
The survey showed that 45 per cent of people still talked on their phone whilst driving, and 13 per cent were still using a handheld mobile, even though it is against the law and attracts a fine up to £1,000.
Research into mobile phone use whilst driving has been extensive and shows some shocking results. In studies, reaction times have been a third slow when using a hands-free mobile phone than when driving after drinking alcohol up to the legal limit in the UK. The same tests showed that reactions were slowed by half under normal driving conditions.
The report goes on to suggest that people are four times more likely to be involved in an accident whist using a mobile phone, whether hands-free or not, and 23 times more likely to crash if they are texting whilst driving.
This point was proved recently by a woman in Leicester who was convicted of careless driving after she mounted the kerb and hit two toddlers who later died of their injuries, whilst using a hands-free mobile phone in her car.
Although there were other factors involved in the collision, including another car, would the outcome have been different without the distraction of her mobile phone? It’s difficult to answer, but with the increased used of smart phones, perhaps Brake’s idea of putting phones on silent when driving is the safest approach.
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