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Stalking is a crime

To help create awareness of the issue, the National Stalking Helpline, in association with the Suzie Lamplugh Trust, have created a film called ‘This is Stalking’. The film explains what stalking is and makes it clear that it is not romantic, trivial or funny. It is worrying, serious and illegal.
The statistics brink home how serious and widespread the issue is. Women account for 80% of stalking victims, while 20% are men. More than 80% of people are stalked by someone they know, such as an ex-partner (45%); an acquaintance (22%); colleague or ex-colleague (5%) or family member (4%). One in six women and one in 12 men are stalked at some point in their life.
Of the women who had been stalked, nearly half of them reported that an ex-partner had tracked them down through their online activities and 36% of them claimed they felt threatened by such behaviour, according to domestic violence charity, Women’s Aid.
Stalking after a relationship has ended is another form of domestic abuse which can be prevented. One of the ways is by obtaining a non-molestation order. In certain situations, such an order can be obtained without advance notice to the perpetrator.
Here a Atherton Godfrey, we have a strong specialist family team that is passionate about preventing victims of domestic abuse from suffering in silence.
If you have been, or continue to be, the victim of abuse, don’t despair, help is at hand and legal aid is still available for domestic abuse cases.
We offer a confidential service where we can provide specific advice in relation to domestic abuse and any other issue associated with it, for example, divorce, child arrangements and financial remedy.
For further information, please contact Jayne Kirtley on 01302 3206521.

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