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Stealth death tax plans abolished

Author: Vicky Sladdin

Plans to increase Probate court fees from £155.00/£215.00 up to a maximum of £20,000.00 have been abolished.

The proposed changes, which were to be introduced next month, had a sliding scale of fees linked to the value of the estate from £300.00 to those estates worth in excess of £50,000.00 up to £20,000.00 for estates valued at more than £2million.  The proposed changes represented anywhere between a 40% and 9,200% increase on the current fees.

A committee of MP’s questioned whether the changes were legal and added that the charges appeared to be more of a tax than a fee.

For now, at least, the fee will remain at a flat level irrelevant of value of the estate.  However, in light of the forthcoming general election, a senior conservative declined to say whether the scheme would be brought back if the Prime Minister was re-elected. Watch this space.

Until after the June 8 election, it is business as usual which will no doubt lead to a reduction in the number of hastily prepared applications being submitted to the Probate Registry in advance of the proposed changes.

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