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Support for national carers week

By highlighting the difficulties, it’s hoped that there will be more community support and respect for the work that carers  do and recognition for the contributions they make to families and communities throughout the UK
As part of Carers Week, Atherton Godfrey will be taking part in the Doncaster Carers Event at Cast on Tuesday, 9 June, which aims to celebrate Doncaster carers and showcase the wide range of support available locally.
Organised by Doncaster Council, the event will run from 11am until 2pm and will include live music, performances as well as information and fun activities. Special guests, who know all bout the trials carers face, are Ben Parkinson’s parents, Diane and Andy.
According to figures published by Carers Week, there are 2.3 million people who have quit work to care for someone and almost 3 million more have reduced their working hours to care for someone at some point in their lives. Full-time carers are twice as likely to be in bad health than non-carers and one-in-five UK adults have seen their work negatively affected as a result of caring.
As people live longer, the reality is that more complex health problems will become more common; resulting in an increased likelihood that more of us will face the prospect of caring for a relative.
Angela Sandhal, public law solicitor at Atherton Godfrey, said: “This event is a great way of supporting carers and acknowledging the important role that they perform every day to those they care for and to society as a whole.
Businesses and organisations can help simply by understanding the reality of the situation that carers face on a daily basis and having carer friendly policies in place.”
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