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Construction worker suffered serious leg injury on site

A young construction worker, in the first year of his apprenticeship, was left with a serious leg injury  because a colleague ignored health and safety procedures.

Paul* was enjoying his job working in different locations around the country. It was made even more interesting because he was able to get involved in all aspects of piling. He hadn’t been given any formal instruction, but he was learning from more experienced colleagues.

In October 2017, while Paul was working in Harley Street in London, he was waiting for equipment to be passed to him while a colleague nearby was trying to move a drill and clamp. Normal practice for a construction worker in this situation was to warn everyone in the area to move out of the way while the clamp was moved.

Without warning, the heavy metal clamp swung around and hit Paul, crushing his leg against the wall.

He was taken to the local A&E by ambulance. There an x-ray showed a compound fracture to his leg. The injury was so bad that he had to be admitted for surgery and needed a skin graft to close the wound.

After surgery, Paul remained in hospital for 10 days before going home to continue his recovery.

He was in considerable pain from his injuries and was effectively housebound for several months. He was off work for more than 4 months and when he returned, he was only able to carry out light duties for the first few weeks.  He saw a significant drop in his wages during this period.

Even then, Paul continued to suffer from aches and pains during cold weather, swelling in his ankle and weakness in his leg that meant he couldn’t squat or stoop down.

His personal life suffered too. He wasn’t able to resume his interest in football and boxing and has had to rely on his partner and family for help. Paul found it really difficult to accept the forced lifestyle changes and began to suffer from bouts of depression.

A friend recommended that Paul contact Atherton Godfrey to see if there was any chance of being compensated for his injuries and financial losses.

We were able to help Paul on a no win no fee basis. And, as specialists in workplace accidents, our personal injury solicitors were able to negotiate an out of court settlement to compensate for the pain and suffering Paul had suffered. The compensation also covered his lost wages and all the expenses he had incurred because of the accident.

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, call and speak to our personal injury team – there’s no obligation and we may be able to offer you a no win no fee arrangement. Call 01302 320621 or email 

*Not the clients real name – The client kindly agreed that we tell you about his case, but requested that we did not use his name.